UPDATES: the JELLY Keyboard- Currently In Production Phase

Update: 6/12/2021-
Hi Playmakers!

First off, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this artwork. It’s inspiring to see so many people share their positive thoughts and the purchases that have been made all around the world!

I believe the JELLY is one of the most creative and fun keyboards in the entire keeb game- of course, I am likely bias. 

PCBs are beautiful, they should flex through their casing - this was an easy decision. Showcasing the raw, aluminum plate through a non-frosted acrylic plate posed its challenges, but the white gasket foam worked beautifully. 

For those that went full JELLY (all acrylic), cutting the plate foam to help with acoustics AND so it was subtle between the PCB and translucent plate posed it’s own unique challenge, but it turned out wonderful.

Now with the end of the Group Buy, I’ve booked time with the local laser shop to start production. Next steps will be to purchase the acrylic in town and get it primed for the laser.

A reminder that the proposed timeline is 10-12 weeks for starting shipments, please expect a delay for international Playmakers.

I will keep you posted with updates, but in the meantime- for constant updates on the progress, join the (yet another) discord server: https://discord.gg/uXmUn4mvhk